Bored, restless, stressed?

Don’t fidget, Spidget!

No goals, no challenges, no points, no stress.

Just spin it and watch, listen or feel it rotate.

A 3D spinner that you can customize.

Change its color to match your mood.

Turn on sound to hear it.

Turn on haptics to feel it.

Change its appearance using the included images, or use your photos to make it your own*.

*In-app purchase required.

Spidget app store link


About 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy during their lifetime. Epilepsy is a medical condition characterized by seizures.

About 3% of people with epilepsy may have seizures in response to rapidly flashing lights or visual patterns, a condition called photosensitive epilepsy.

Spidget provides the option to independently change the appearance of the front and back of your spidget. This could cause rapid changes in color, brightness or contrast.

This option is disabled by default.

If you have, or may have, photosensitive epilepsy, please do not change this setting without talking to your healthcare provider.

Link to the Epilepsy Foundation

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