Watch our BEAM-based napping state software development platform in action!

How does this work?

It’s common knowledge that we only use about 10% of the power of our brains¹. You also know that we lose most of our body heat through our heads², but may not know why. It’s because brain electrical activity uses a tremendous amount of energy. All that energy generates heat¹. Lastly, during sleep the brain isn't resting, it's very active³. Our proprietary system allows us to harness this energy to generate real, functioning computer code while napping. We use a high density array of active electrodes applied to the scalp of expert coders to record brain electrical activity during the highly creative napping state. Our advanced algorithms decode this activity to generate computer code⁴.

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¹Not true. ²Also not true. You may have heard this, but it’s nonsense. The usual explanation is that “heat rises”. If you stand on your head, will you lose most of your body heat through your feet? Think about it. ³OK, that’s true for some sleep stages. ⁴Nope, none of this is true. Coding is complicated. No one can do it in their sleep. Not literally, anyway. You’ve probably figured out that much of the content on this website is a joke. The products are real, but all the stuff about napping, coding and BEAM isn’t. We do like to nap, but we can only dream about the day when we can nap and code at the same time.

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